Text Box: Sweetgrass Basket making is traditional art among African-American descendants in the  Lowcountry of South  Carolina.  The art of sweetgrass basket making was introduced by slaves who came from West Africa over 300 years ago.  This art has been passed down primarily  through family members, ensuring their African-American heritage. 

The baskets are skillfully woven from indigenous plant material found  near the coast.  Combinations of sweetgrass, longleaf pine needles, bull rush, and palm leaves make each basket unique. 
Text Box: Sharon has been making baskets since 2000.   She learned the art from various local artists. Here shesits weaving a basket  at a basket stand on John's Island. She can make custom baskets and repair baskets.
Text Box: As part of the tradition, women are often seen displaying their baskets for sale in stands along busy roads.    Many men and women have been weaving  baskets since childhood and pass the art down to their children.